In English


A unique toy shop in the heart of Helsinki

Tingeling Toy Shop is a toy and gift shop specialising in wooden toys and small manufacturers. Most of our products come from European companies. The overseas manufacturers that we use, manufacture their products from e.g. rubber wood and have undergone strict tests for paints and phthalate in plastic parts.


Many of our products are handmade and climate friendly.


We also want to give our support to various fair trade projects, so we have e.g. Lanka Kade hand made products from Sri Lanka, Kenana from Kenia, Global Affairs products from Holland/China, and lovely hand made fairies from Believe You Can in England. Just to name a few.


Some of our manufacturers: ,, Maileg Denmark:,
Isoisän Puulelutwww.kaethe-kruse.comwww.haba.dewww.moulinroty.fr



Kristina Lönnberg

Bachelor of Pedagogy, Kindergarten Teacher, Entrepreneur


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